New Kid – Danielle Coralles | Episode 52

When one death gives life to another.

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The Skinny White Oprah – Kyle Gest | Episode 51

The Lapse Storytelling Podcast

Ever dream of starring in a Canadian reality TV show? Well, I sure didn’t… Until I was cast in one.

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Mark / Velvet / Murder – The Lip | Episode 50

Niki’s husband was planning to kill her… Until her best friend Diane showed up at the door. Now what Diane doesn’t know might kill her too. Credit for the outstanding interview used in this episode goes to The Lip, where another version of this story first aired.

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Marge – Mark Redmond | Episode 49

How do you go from the future VP of a billion dollar company to making $12 a week? Meet Marge Crawford.

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Deus Ex – Sarah Hager | Episode 48

Sarah’s mother might be the world’s greatest slots player. Good luck guessing how this one ends.

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