43 & Pregnant by Lee-Anne Ekland | Episode 4

You’re pregnant. 43 years old. A 1 in 3 chance your child might have Down Syndrome. Do you follow through?

Whatever your belief, understand this:  when the hard and fast rules of your life are thrust in front of you, it’s impossible not to question them. Broad strokes of black and white morality soon blend to grey. Cue Lee-Anne Ekland. Fair warning: she’s been through a lot.

43 and Pregnant - Lee-Anne Ekland

This week’s episode gets a little ambitious, skipping and jumping between Lee-Anne’s past and present. For me, it was like putting together a really good puzzle. I think you’ll dig the result.

After you listen to this story, you need to check out Lee-Anne Ekland’s blogEspecially if you’re a mother. Her story here continues there to this day. That’s a spoiler warning if you’re wondering.

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