A Few Loose Screws – Wichita Sims | Episode 8

This is, without question, the darkest episode The Lapse has ever aired.

Try not to take what I’m about to say as reductive. Because when Wichita Sims underwent treatment for breast cancer, the ingredients were a known quantity: chemo, radiation, group counseling. It was standard practice. Routinized. Regimented. She stuck to the recipe and she lived to tell it.

Wichita Sims - A Few Loose Screws

There’s no such thing as boilerplate brain surgery. One slip, one miscalculation, and you may irreparably change a human being. When Wichita developed a brain tumor, her doctor told her not to worry. Unfortunately, that is where her story begins.

For more on Wichita Sims, including her previous struggles with breast cancer, you can read her work online at www.WichitaSims.com.

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