“DrHandroid” – The Cryptic Videos of The All Seeing Eye Club

“Do you want to see the All Seeing Eye Club Packet Box?”

The man or woman known as “DrHandroid” produced nearly 300 inscrutable videos in episode 40’s The All Seeing Eye Club. Were they clues? Or was Joe Holmes being played with? Few people were ever meant to watch these so be warned, they can get pretty strange. Let’s have a look at a few.

“This pizza box sized thing…”

01: The first shot of the undamaged Packet Box, though not necessarily in the order Joe watched. What do you think he made of those last two seconds?

“Beating the box up.”

07, 187, 151: DrHandroid takes out more and more aggression on the Packet Box.

“He had a Pepsi fetish.”

16, 17, 18: Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi. For the punchline, watch these in order. Dare I say DrHandroid has a sense of humor?

“Just weird stuff, man.”

40, 182, 208: As frightening as these videos must have seemed, there’s a lot of creativity here.

Unfortunately, videos 224-299 are lost to time, but you can view the entire rest of the collection on DrHandroid’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t listened to The All Seeing Eye Club yet, you should do that first.

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