Meet My Rapist – Jessie Kahnweiler | Episode 22

Jessie Kahnweiler had a tough sell: a short satirical comedy about rape. Wait, wait, wait – hear us out.

Years ago, in her college years, Jessie was raped. For more than half a decade she’d been trying to tell herself she was okay. Outwardly, that’s what she told people. But that creeping sensation, the kind where deep down something is dreadfully wrong, it was only a matter of time before it gurgled back up.

Meet My Rapist

But Jessie has kind of did the impossible. She’s a talented, intelligent, filmmaker with a wicked sense of a humor. So guess what? Her film is really, really funny.

This episode is the story behind the story, but if you’ve yet to watch Meet My Rapist, you’ll find it embedded right here on thelapse.org. It was a selection at the 2014 Slamdance Film Festival. You’d be missing something special if you skipped it.

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