The Spy Club – Kyle Gest | Episode 12

I was an eleven year old Peeping Tom. I loved James Bond. I wanted to be James Bond. Which is why, naturally, I became the founder and president of Spy Club.

This is a first for The Lapse, in that this story is by yours truly, Kyle Gest. We’d originally recorded guest narration (big ups to William Hopkins, accent extraordinaire), but a couple catastrophes later, we couldn’t use it. The final result is our very first story without an additional narrator. This is straight from me to you! I think it’s a barrel of monkeys.

Kyle Gest | Spy Club

A reminder for my Canadian brethren: I’m on TV! You can catch me Wednesday nights on The W Network at 10PM Pacific. Check your local listings for The Audience Canada if you’re keen to put a face to the voice.

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