Submit Your Story

You’ve got a story. Help us tell it.

The Lapse Storytelling Podcast lives and dies by its contributors. For the hours of work we spend in recording, transcription, writing, editing, and post-production, they’re nothing compared to the lifetimes our guests have lived. From us to you, we just want to say, hey.


What makes a good Lapse story?

Your story should be absolutely true. It doesn’t have to have changed your life, and it definitely doesn’t require a “moral,” but it should have an arc. An inciting incident, a source of conflict, and a resolution. Give us an anecdote or your last twenty years, but please don’t submit fiction.

We have a profound respect for the honest stranger. When our guests drop the persona, when they’re honest with who they are, what they were feeling. When they’re vulnerable for just a moment. That’s what makes our stories sing.

Make us laugh or rip our guts out. You don’t need to be an experienced storyteller. We just want you to be you.

How does this work?

Much more casually than you think: a conversation, not a page read. You’ll chat with Kyle for about an hour, maybe two. We handle all the post-production and bring your story to life.

If you’re not from Vancouver, you’ll need Skype and a passable microphone. Nearly half our storytellers are international, so please, do tell!

Submission Guidelines?

Under 2500 words or 2-3 minutes of audio. Don’t waste your words on prose. Remember, this is ultimately an audio piece. The finer details can come later, but your story should have a beginning and end. If your story is still ongoing, your submission should take us to the present.

Please don’t link us to entire blogs or websites.

I’d prefer my story not to be edited / narrated.

We understand that. Absolutely. Our format is collaborative by nature. If you’re not comfortable with letting us work a little magic, no hard feelings. But you may want to look elsewhere.

Address your submissions to [email protected].