Taking My Parents to Burning Man | Episode 7

Taking your conservative parents to Burning Man is one thing. Filming every moment is another.

This marks a particularly special episode of The Lapse: two storytellers, one story. Speaking to co-directors Joel Ashton McCarthy and Bryant “Spry Bry” Boesen was a treat. Matthau and Lemon would be proud; they’re an Odd Couple in the best sense, just mismatched enough to compliment one another. In a lot of ways, Joel has more in common with Charles and Lee, Bryant’s parents.

Bryant Boesen - Taking My Parents to Burning Man

Rather than give away its namesake, aptly named Taking My Parents to Burning Man, this episode explores more of the dynamic between Joel and Bryant. I think it’s a pretty fabulous companion piece. Two voices is a lot of work to edit with, so settle in for something special. It might be a while before this kind of episode again.

In the meantime, you need to see this movie. Get tickets at the Soho Film Festival in New York for May 17th now because the film has sold out at every screening thus far. You can also buy tickets in Vancouver at the Rio Theatre on May 30th and May 31st.

Bryant Boesen is moving on to his next Burning Man-esque venture with The Art of Expression. It’s beautiful. Just incredibly gorgeous. You can also watch him breathe fire which is worth hitting up for that alone.

Joel McCarthy is just about to enter production on After Film School, a delightfully black comedy that’s being funded in part by Telus. The pitch video already makes me smile.

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