A Virgin Too Lucky by Marshall Whitlock | Episode 2

When you’re a virgin, sex for the first time seems impossible. The older you get, the more futile the fantasy. But as the cliche goes, be careful what you wish for. Marshall Whitlock was one virgin too lucky.

Marshall Whitlock's Virginity



This marks the second episode of The Lapse and I couldn’t be more excited to share it. Marshall and I were university buds, a combo, like ale and bitters. Strong, dark, stout. Recommended in moderation. Trust me when I say this: you know a guy well enough, you’re certain to pull a good goddamned story out of him. Not the least of which is how he lost his virginity.

I’ll make my listeners a bet: if you’ve lost your virginity in a more incredible, more outlandish way, send us a message. We’ll have you on the show.

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